Discrimination towards women and girls and FGM

Evidence of reciprocal legal socialization in Juvenile Court

Sentencing Climate Change Activists in Australia

Some reflections on a research journey in law and society

The Role of Fantasy in the Battered Woman’s Right to Bear Arms

Dissent-Sensitive Permissions

Kinship, Law and Politics

Spatial justice: Body, lawscape, atmosphere

The Practice and Problems of Transnational Counter-Terrorism

‘Ourworld’: A feminist approach to global constitutionalism

Fears and fallacies: Doctors’ perceptions of the barriers to medical innovation

Artificial Intelligence in Welfare

Has the Human Rights Act led to individuals being more able to enforce their human rights in the UK?

Post-Pandemic Workplace Design and the Plight of Employees with Invisible Disabilities

Algorithmic augmentation of democracy

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

The belated awakening of the public sphere to racist branding

Choice of the Manner in Which Thou Wilt Die’: The Australian Courts on Compulsory Voting

Building STEPs Down the Precipitous Cliff from University to Workplace

Corrective Justice and the Law Relating to Damages for Negligently Inflicted Psychiatric Injury

Mapping the rise of digital mental health technologies

Racial and Religious Democracy: Identity and Equality in Midcentury Courts

Gender Identity Minorities and workplace legislation in Europe

England’s fresh approach to food waste

Casting the First Stone

The Transmission of International Trade Norms, Ideas and Expertise Into National Statutory Institutions

Gender and the Legal Profession

Creating the conscious law firm

The Making Available Right

Brendan Dassey, Language Impairments, and Judicial Ignorance

Race, Pregnancy, and the Opioid Epidemic

He Got in My Face so I Shot Him

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