The effect of a fiscal squeeze on tax enforcement: Evidence from a natural experiment in China

Inefficient Mapping: A Protocol for Attuning to Phenomena

Delinquency of household credit in the U.S.: Does consumer sentiment play a role?

Gender equality mainstreaming and the Australian academy

Racial Inequality in Unemployment Insurance Receipt and Take-Up

Sentencing Climate Change Activists in Australia

Supporting preschool age children’s wellbeing through home-based literacy development in three Fijian communities

The changing role of the FIRB and the politics of foreign investment in Australia

Coercive control in domestic relationships

National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program

Data and policy decisions: Experimental evidence from Pakistan

The exceptionalism of risk: Trump’s Wall and travel ban

Taming Chinese power: decoding the dynamics of Australian foreign policies

Corporate Governance and Responsible Capitalism

Some reflections on a research journey in law and society

Rooftop Solar and a Downward-Sloping Supply of Electricity

Enterprising Women and War Profiteers

Cardiac rehabilitation in the paediatric Fontan population


Lack of Capacity

Defences against formation


Effects of the COVID-19 Recession on the US Labor Market

Was Federation motivated by federalism?

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