Money for Mayhem: Mercenaries, Private Military Companies, Drones, and the Future of War

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Activity, State, and Object Episodes

On Power and inequality in the global political economy

Hiding the Colonial Past? A Comparison of European Archival Policies

A History of Borno

Using a flipped classroom to embed information literacy skills training into academic studies

Understanding student use of twitter and online forums in higher education

France, Prussia or Germany? The Napoleonic Wars and Shifting Allegiances in the Rhineland

Die Sichtbarkeit der Macht: Symbolische Repraesentation von Herrschaft im napoleonischen Kaiserreich

What is the Nature of Action?

What Is the Basis of Moral Obligation?

Self-Determination: The Ethics of Action

Hobbes on Liberty, Action and Free Will

Human Trafficking and Legal Culture

From pains-taking to pains-giving comparisons

Smith & Thomas: A Casebook on Contract

Identification and validation of biomarkers for autism spectrum disorders

European Autism Interventions – A Multicentre Study for Developing New Medications

The QUiPP App: a safe alternative to a treat-all strategy for threatened preterm labor.

Maternal deaths in the UK: pre-eclampsia deaths

Negotiations of minority ethnic middle-class identity

Leif Wenar on Blood Oil

A Socialist Satire: Manhua Magazine and Political Cartoon Production in the PRC

Learning: Theoretical perspectives that go beyond context

The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland

Philosophy and Rationalism

The Domination of Strangers

In the Space of a Song

NHS response to human trafficking

Science Capital Made Clear

Did Irenaeus Mislead the Archaeologists?

Solving the mystery of hemoglobin binding with oxygen

Bolzano’s theory of propositions

John Ellis on the Higgs Boson

English as a lingua franca

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