Data-driven framework for understanding and predicting air quality in urban areas

Britain’s ‘brown babies’

Sucking Stones

Hospital resilience to extreme events

Sustainability in Management Education

Investigation of nursing students’ clinical decision making using high fidelity simulation

Netflix and the Re-invention of Television

Domestic Production and Consumption in Poor English Households, 1670-1840

London’s West End: Creating the Pleasure District, 1800-1914

The Lump of Labour Fallacy and Youth Unemployment

Gender Identity Minorities and workplace legislation in Europe

Framing, new social identity and long-term loyalty

Overseas Nursing Recruitment activities of NHS Trusts

Edward Lloyd and His World

The case of GCSE re-sit students, teachers and policymakers in 2016-17

Childminding: historical context of the development of Early Years Professional Training

Responding to the strengths and needs of pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Inclusion as education policy: a self-evident good?

Implicit Theories of Intelligence Mind-Sets

Promoting students’ voices in schools

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