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The housing channel of intergenerational wealth persistence

The Cost of Clearing Fragmentation

Should bads be inflicted all at once, like Machiavelli said? Evidence from life-satisfaction data

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Shaping Institutions

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Finance, savings, and consumption smoothing in rural India

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Public sentiment in times of terror

Love Thy (Elected) Neighbor?

Economic development, female wages and missing female births in Spain, 1900–1930

Top Wealth Shares in the U.S.: What is the Role of Family Firms?

High-Stakes Objective and Subjective Teacher Evaluation Measures and Student Skill Development

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Marginal Treatment Effects in Difference-in-Differences

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Defying distance? The provision of services in the digital age

The Coherence Side of Rationality

Gender information and perceived quality

Gravity with Gravitas: A Solution to the Border Puzzle

Effects of conflicts on Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Mexico

Privatization under Political Ties

The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Madrid

(De)Funding the Arts: Effects on Creativity

Bureaucrats and Policies in Equilibrium Administrations

The Effects of Joining Multinational Supply Chains

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