Is Death Different to Federal Judges?

Culture and Biology in Learning Disabilities Research

Low-power microelectronics embedded in live jellyfish enhance propulsion

The benefits of combining language acquisition and explicit instruction approaches

Promoting Academic Achievement Among English Learners: A Guide to the Research

Bilingualism Is Not a Handicap

Kinase-inactivating mutations cause autosomal dominant lymphatic-related hydrops fetalis

Aligned nanofibrillar collagen scaffolds

Misallocation or Mismeasurement?

Microeconomic Evidence on Price-Setting

Beyond GDP? Welfare across Countries and Time

Restoring the resting potential brings maturity to induced stem cell-derived human cardiac myocytes

Role of sodium/calcium exchange in heart failure-induced arrhythmias

Mechanisms of calcium transient and action potential alternans in cardiac cells and tissues

Risk of cardiovascular serious adverse events associated with varenicline use for tobacco cessation

Likelihood of Unemployed Smokers vs Nonsmokers Attaining Reemployment

Multiple Risk-Behavior Profiles of Smokers With Serious Mental Illness

A Flawed Revision of the Common Rule

Multimedia informational aids for research on medical practices

IRB’s and patients’ views on consent for research on medical practices

Education in Safe and Unsafe Spaces

Why Bring the Kids into This? Anscombe and McLaughlin on Parental Rights

Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America

Genetic and molecular mechanisms of pulmonary hypertension

An Empirical Evaluation of the Connecticut Death Penalty System Since 1973

Document Appreciation

Putting Some Product into Work-Product: Corporate Lawyers Learning from Designers

Picturing Corporate Practice

Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission

Dark Matter and the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope

Food Policy in Indonesia

The history of American school reform

Growth Mindset

Parent praise to 1-3 year olds predicts motivational frameworks

PDGF-dependent-catenin activation and pulmonary arterial hypertension

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