Process Analytics for Education


Process Analytics for Education

Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Chemistry via Distance in the South Seas

Children’s play with imaginative technologies

Development of a Finger-Key Identification Module for a Touch Typing Trainer

Social Media Learning Activities

Dysfunctional Digital Demeanors

Guidelines for generating effective feedback from e-assessments

Changing Physics Instruction by Synergizing Vygotskian Educational Theory and Virtual Reality

Digital literacies and children’s personalized books

Explanatory Animations in the Classroom

The Linguacuisine Project: A Cooking-based Language Learning Application

The Role of Creative Risk Taking and Productive Failure in Education and Technology Futures

Identity and digital equity: Reflections on a university educational technology course

Predicting achievement and providing support before STEM majors begin to fail

Developing a smart classroom infrastructure to support real-time student collaboration and inquiry

Dialogic intervisualizing in multimodal inquiry

A developmental framework for technology-enhanced academic language support

Demonstrating the potential of text mining for analyzing school inspection reports

Teacher Educator Technology Competencies

Advanced Methods in Automatic Item Generation

Supporting and challenging learners through pedagogical agents

Conquering the digital divide: with a digital native who never was

Supporting distance-taught students in the workplace

Questioning Mindfulness in Education

Teaching through the format of a Massive Open Online Course

The Transformation of Educational Communication in India form Monks to MOOCs

Distance Education: Having It Your Way

Humanoid robots: learning a programming language to learn a traditional language

Micro-teaching 2.0: Technology as the classroom

Factors Affecting Kenyan Secondary Teachers’ Technology Integration

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