Diameter rigidity for Kähler manifolds with positive bisectional curvature

Stability of the perfectly matched layer (PML) for waves

Combining optimisation and simulation using logic-based Benders decomposition

Increasing learner interactions with E-learning systems

Learning and Optimization with Seasonal Patterns

Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction with Machine Learning

Volumetric capture for narrative films

Creating with Code

Data-driven framework for understanding and predicting air quality in urban areas

Rank-Based Multivariate Sarmanov for Modeling Dependence

A Study of Ballot Anomaly Detection with a Transparent voting machine

The beauty of the Golden Ratio

What is Combinatorics?

Cross-depiction problem: Recognition and Synthesis of Photographs and Artwork

A Slice Tour for Finding Hollowness in High Dimensional Data

The math of chasing cells

Paul Ginsparg, arXiv founder, on peer review

Pioneering Women in American Mathematics: The Pre-1940 PhD’s

Resource augmentation in Heterogeneous Internet of Things via UAVs

The Hybrid High-Order Method for Polytopal Meshes

Financial Informatics: An Information-Based Approach to Asset Pricing

Genetic Programming with Transfer Learning for Urban Traffic Modelling and Prediction

Using the Max-Sum Algorithm for Supply Chain Emergence in Dynamic Multiunit Environment

COIL: Constrained Optimization in Learned Latent Space

The paradigm of complex probability and Ludwig Boltzmann’s entropy

A reliable vaccine tracking and monitoring system for health clinics using blockchain

Creativity Inspired Generative Zero-Shot Learning

Numerical modelling of axisymmetric electromagnetically driven flows in thin layers

On the contraction ratio of iterated function systems whose attractors are Sierpinski n – gons

A Family of Two-Weight Irreducible Cyclic Codes

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