Thorpe-Ingold Effect on Polymer Conformations

National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program

Synthetic-Bioinformatic Natural Product Antibiotics

Big-Data Science in Porous Materials

Photophobic and phototropic movement of a self-oscillating gel

Chemically induced repair, adhesion, and recycling of polymers made by inverse vulcanization

Molecular Machines

Efficient solar hydrogen generation in microgravity environment

Uses of Decarboxylated cannabis resins

Porous PEI Coating for Copper Ion Storage

Asymmetric processes and applications in foldamer design

Turning the challenge of quantum biology on its head

Chemical modification of enzymes for enhanced activity in ionic liquids

Solution‐Processed Faraday Rotators Using Single Crystal Lead Halide Perovskites

Size distribution and collision frequency of flame-made nanoparticles

A variational eigenvalue solver on a photonic quantum processor

Facing Down Emerging Viruses

An introduction to a theory on the role of π-electrons of docosahexaenoic acid in brain function

Oscillatory reactions in a simple organic system

Neutrophil-derived microvesicles enter cartilage and protect the joint in inflammatory arthritis

The Resolution of Inflammation

Where Do Photo-generated Holes Go in Anatase:Rutile TiO2?

Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Anatase and Rutile: the Impact of Morphology and Phase on Photocatalytic Activity

Rechargeable non-aqueous Mg-Br2 battery

Aligned nanowires and webbed nanowires

Toll-like receptor signaling in vertebrates and the Reactome Knowledgebase

Folded protein transport by the FimD usher

Copper metabolism in relation to Parkinson’s Disease

Catalytic behaviour of manganese complexes

Functional catalysts and materials

Catalysis, Structure & Reactivity

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