Ghost Of Our Former Selves

Where butterflies sleep

The Making of a Musical Journey

Cambridge Haydn Encyclopedia

Where Do You Want Your Ears?

Class, Control, and Classical Music

Becoming a Community Musician

Twentieth Century Music

Improvisation as Research

The life and work of Augusta Holmès

Teaching and learning strategies for Violin

Musica Mundi

The Fair Songster

Mapping K-Pop Past and Present: Shifting the Modes of Exchange

Sustaining an Emerging Korean Percussion Tradition

Music as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education

Evolution of music by public choice

Melodic pitch expectation interacts with neural responses

Doing More Than Representing Western Music

Art, Ethnicity and Social Suffering in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan

How do musicians develop their learning about performance?

Politik der Musik

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