Atmospheric boundary layer flow

Bright Ferritin – a Reporter Gene Platform

Bringing the light inside the body to perform better surgery

Vibrational control

Arithmetic Circuit Verification

Collective behaviors in a fish-inspired robot swarm

Nanoparticle Networks for Portable UV Photodetectors

Is an informed driver a better decision maker?

Settling consolidation and shear strength behaviour of coal tailings slurry

Environmental Impact Assessment of Buildings

COVID‐19 pandemic cybersecurity issues

Teaching Legal, Ethical, Social and Professional Issues to Computing Undergraduates

Nature inspired ground engineering solutions

How Did Solar Cells Get So Cheap?

Machine Learning Approach to Personality Type Prediction

An internet of energy framework

Creating blended interfaces

Epileptic Seizure Forecasting

Disruptive technologies and mental health

Health sector digitisation

Electrical Impedance Tomography

Artificial intelligence and industry

Technique for Interference Reduction in Battery Powered Physiological Monitoring Devices

A Novel Concept for Safe, Stiffness-Controllable Robot Links

Quantisation of the conductance of ballistic 1D electrons

Early work on semiconductor quantum nanoelectronics in the Cavendish Laboratory

Electrostatically modifying a 2D electron gas to form 1D and 0D systems

Fano resonance in a cavity-reflector hybrid system

Time-domain characterization of human skin tissue for nano-electromagnetic communication

Assessment of flood and rain impact on properties of historic masonry

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