FGM, social media activism and ‘honour’ killings

Comics and the Senses

Representing Multiculturalism in Comics and Graphic Novels

Bureaucracy, Law and Dystopia in the United Kingdom’s Asylum System

IVF global histories, USA: between Rock and a marketplace

Gangs of Russia: From the Streets to the Corridors of Power

Duties to Care

The Religious Lives of Older Laywomen: The Last Active Anglican Generation

The limits of higher education institutions as sites of work skill development

Constructions of the ‘migration crisis’ in Europe

In-house or outsourced public services?

Flip-flop: A Journey Through Globalisation’s Backroads

Islam moves West: religious change in the first and second generations

Modernization and the Gender Gap in Religiosity

Is the United States a Counterexample to the Secularization Thesis?

A Violent Legacy: Policing Insurrection in South Africa From Sharpeville to Marikana

Parenting and parent–school relations in a neoliberal age

Incarceration, Inequality, and Imagining Alternatives

The Problem of Violence and the Will to Punish

The Growth of Incarceration in the United States

How Stable is the Core Discussion Network?

Because They Were There: Access, Deliberation, and the Mobilization of Networks for Support

Eighteen ways to view a dead body

Place, space and imagined futures

O’Connorian Models of Peripheral Development

Young people’s drinking and spatial experience in England

The 1930s as Black Mirror


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