Information, migration, and the value of clean air

Why is dollar debt Cheaper? Evidence from Peru

How Much Should We Trust Estimates of Firm Effects and Worker Sorting?

The political economy of reforms in Central Bank design: evidence from a new dataset

Technology, labour market institutions and early retirement

Sequentially exporting products across countries

Reaching for yield and the housing market: Evidence from 18th-century Amsterdam

Rational inattention, misallocation, and the aggregate economy

A quantitative evaluation of universal basic income

Inattentive Inference

Identification-Robust Inference With Simulation-Based Pseudo-Matching

Public governance versus corporate governance: Evidence from oil drilling in forests

Penalized Pairwise Difference Estimation for a High-Dimensional Censored Regression Model

No-Crossing Single-Index Quantile Regression Curve Estimation

Network Connections and Board Seats: Are Female Networks Less Valuable?

Choice and consequence: Assessing mismatch at Chicago exam schools

The macro-financial effects of international bank lending on emerging markets

Liquidity risk, market power and the informational effects of policy

Liquidity creation, investment, and growth

Learning and the capital age premium

Labor Market Discrimination against Family Responsibilities: A Correspondence Study with Policy Change in China

Islam and human capital in historical Spain

Irrigation and gender roles

Insurance and portfolio decisions: Two sides of the same coin?

Information management in times of crisis

Firms and Collective Reputation

Endogenous Lemon Markets: Risky Choices and Adverse Selection

Comparative European Institutions and the Little Divergence, 1385–1800

Circle of fortune: The long-term impact of Western customs institution in China

Asset purchase bailouts and endogenous implicit guarantees

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