What is Faculti?

Faculti has thousands of online videos for the purposes of research, teaching, and private study. Educators worldwide now use Faculti videos to add engaging, cutting-edge, real-life perspectives to undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education programs. The Faculti Video Platform is an important reference tool which gives users instant access to relevant and up-to-date academic and professional research content. This continually expanding video library of news, analysis, facts and figures covers a large variety of subjects including: Medicine, Education, Law, Nursing, Business, Journalism, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, History, Science and Math.

What equipment do I need?

You can use your own computer or an institution client machine.

How do I access Faculti?

Simply go to and register or log in with your username and password.


How do I use it?

Once you are logged in you can search for videos by subject or researcher or institution name.

There are clear instructions and helpful videos through the ‘Watch’ or ‘Discover’ drop-down menu on the top-right of the screen. And all personalised premium content will show in the ‘My account’ page.

You can edit your profile details, including your name and e-mail address.


Can I use this as a part of my teaching?

Yes. For example, you can share videos with a module group, or link from Blackboard to relevant courses or directly into a relevant part of a course.


I’m a manager, how should I be using Faculti to develop my staff?

Faculti can be a valuable resource to help staff develop their skills. Encourage your staff to view the latest research and best practices videos as integral to their ongoing personal development, and consider how it can support their role or progression.


Who can I call if I’m having technical difficulties?

If you are experiencing difficulty using the site, please contact us here


I have some feedback about Faculti, who do I send this to?

Please contact us here with any feedback.

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