Unveiling Modest Femininities: Sexuality, Gender (In)equality and Gender Justice

Domestic workers and sexual harassment in India

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Performance-related Pay and the UK Gender Pay Gap

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Asian Women, Identity and Migration

The Covid-19 pandemic and gendered division of paid work, domestic chores and leisure

High-Value Work and the Rise of Women

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Women as Foreign Policy Leaders

Class, Control, and Classical Music

Intersectional life-course inequalities among LGBTQI+ people

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Unpacking Discursive Constructions of Wartime Rape and Sexual Violence in Syria

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Advice for women entering the teaching profession

Conceiving Contemporary Parenthood: Intentions, Expectations and Reproductive Technologies

Fertile connections? Thinking across Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Parenting Culture Studies

Empowerment, citizenship and gender justice: contributions to locally-grounded theories of social change

On or About December 1930: Gender and the Writing of Lives in Virginia Woolf

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