The Culpable Corporate Mind


The Culpable Corporate Mind

Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct – can it be made fit for purpose?

Incentivising Angels

Tax Development In Africa: Three Beacons On The Path To Recovery

Corporations, Accountability and International Criminal Law

The collateralisation of intangible and intellectual property assets by non-financial listed entities

Virtual Currency Law: The Emerging Legal and Regulatory Framework

Insolvent litigation funding and new regulatory measures

Smart contracts

Board Composition: Directors and Representatives

Drafting Inter-Asian Legalities

Clarifying terms in the debate regarding ‘shareholder primacy’

The doctrine of anticipatory repudiation

Consumer Credit Regulation and Rights-based Social Justice

Egalitarian Digital Privacy: Image Based Abuse and Beyond

Culture Is Key

Consumer Law, Technology and Health Care: A Shift in Focus, a Panacea or a Confounder?

Full Taxation: The Single Tax Emperor’s New Clothes

No Longer Unregulated, but Still Controversial

Corporate Whistleblowing, Smart Regulation and Regtech

Big Tech and news: a critical approach to digital platforms, journalism, and competition law

False Influencing

The Regulation of Consumer Credit: A Transatlantic Analysis

Financial Technology in Africa Institutions Regulation and Policy

How the future of work can work for the workers

Regulating conduct of financial institutions in Australia

Risk in public-private partnerships and critical infrastructure

The future of the UK financial services sector

Exploring the effects of the ‘bonus cap’ rule

ECB monetary policy and supervisory powers

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