The SUB-urothelial DUrvalumab InjEction-1 (SUBDUE-1) trial

Reactive oxygen species: role in obesity and mitochondrial energy efficiency

Evidence for locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system abnormality in military PTSD revealed by neuromelanin-sensitive MRI

Menstruation: science and society

The frontal lobes: the Brain’s CEO

Sodium and Health

International perspective on the care of children with acute exacerbations of asthma

Defining “Patient-Centered Medicine”

Device-Based Enrichment of Knee Joint Synovial Cells to Drive MSC Chondrogenesis Without Prior Culture Expansion In Vitro

Potential Benefits of Psilocybin for Lupus Pain

Why are women with polycystic ovary syndrome obese?

Double burden of malnutrition among migrants and refugees in developed countries

Estimating the prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome by the recognised diagnostic criteria

Visual improvement in patients with Leber’s hereditary Optic Neuropathy

VO2max as an exercise tolerance endpoint in people with cystic fibrosis

Epidemic Thunderstorm Asthma Protection with Five-Grass Pollen Tablet Sublingual Immunotherapy

Cardiorespiratory adaptation to low-dose dexamethasone for lung disease in extremely preterm infants

Scleral structure and biomechanics

Hospital resilience to extreme events

An improved algorithm to harmonize child overweight and obesity prevalence rates

Methods and Applications of Computational Immunology

Deficiency of Prebiotic Fiber and Insufficient Signaling Through Gut Metabolite-Sensing Receptors Leads to Cardiovascular Disease

Targeted atrial fibrillation detection in COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Ethical and Regulatory Considerations of Placental Therapeutics

Dynamics of ACTH and Cortisol Secretion and Implications for Disease

Intelligent liver function testing (iLFT)

We need to increase MMR vaccine uptake urgently

Comparing Home and Clinic Based Visual Acuity Testing

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) And Mental Health In The Philippines

Uncontrolled blood pressure in Australia

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