Urease producing microorganisms under dairy pasture management in soils across New Zealand

Rapamycin treatment unmasks a sex-specific pattern of scar expansion of the infarcted rat heart

Bad to the bone

Plasticity and microevolution of diatoms

What are the Limits of Bioethics in a Culturally Pluralistic Society?

Analysis of rare coding variants reveals novel genetic risk factors for type 2 diabetes

Nature’s Best Hope

Filamentous fungi for future functional food and feed

Engineered Nanosugar Enables Rapid and Sustained Glucose-Responsive Insulin Delivery

Nutrition and Microbiome

Long-term host–pathogen evolution of retroviruses in mouse lemurs

Use of road underpasses by mammals and a monitor lizard in eastern Australia

Quantifying nectar production by flowering plants in urban and rural landscapes

Morbillivirus cross-species infection: is there a risk for humans?

sFDvent: A global trait database for deep-sea hydrothermal-vent fauna

Traditional Medical Uses of Muricidae Molluscs

Novel miRNAs and their Target Gene Networks from Hippocampi of Rats that Performed Regular Exercise

Discovery of New Antibacterial Accramycins from a Genetic Variant of the Soil Bacterium

Investigation of leaf architectural patterns

Effects of Peperomia pellucida (L.) methanolic extract on total cholesterol levels

Dairy exosomes, microRNA and human diseases

DNA-driven condensation assembles the meiotic DNA break machinery

The Antidepressant Effects of Lactate

Genetic Approaches to Develop Salt Tolerant Germplasm

A network-biology perspective of microRNA function and dysfunction in cancer

Effects of nutrient concentration and magnetic field exposure on yeast colony growth

A roadmap for collection, handling and storage of blood extracellular vesicles

Mind the gap: Signal movement through plasmodesmata is critical for the manifestation of SAR

The search for ‘evolution-proof’ antibiotics


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