The potential of ‘leading identity’ as an analytic concept for understanding Educational Leadership

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Linda Henderson discusses pressing calls to better theorise the development of Educational Leadership in early childhood education. Specifically, the usefulness of the concept of leading identity for understanding shifts in Educational Leaders’ accounts of their leadership practices.

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Website link to the project:
Webpages of other researchers included in the larger ARC DP: Professor Joce Nuttall: Elizabeth Wood: Fellow appointed: Dr Jenny Martin:
Publications that could be added in relation to overall project: 

  1. Henderson, L.,Nuttall, J., Wood, E., & Martin, J. (2022). The potential of ‘leading identity’ as an analytical concept for understanding Educational Leadership development in early childhood education. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 28(7), 875-889.
  2. Nuttall, J., Henderson, L., Wood, E., & Trippestad, T. (2022). Policy rhetorics and responsibilization in the formation of early childhood Educational Leaders in Australia. Journal of Education Policy, 37(1), 17-38.
  3. Kay, L., Wood, E., Nuttall, J., Henderson, L. (2021). Problematising policies for workforce reform in early childhood education: A rhetorical analysis of England’s Early Years Teacher status. Journal of Education Policy, 36(2), 179-195.
  4. Martin, J., Nuttall, J., Henderson, L., & Wood, E. (2020). Educational Leaders and the project of professionalisation in early childhood education in Australia. International Journal of Educational Research, 101,  2020, 101559.

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