Ways Your Child Can Get the Best Out of School

Adrian Piccoli discusses Ways Your Child Can Get the Best Out of School. The Honorable Adrian Piccoli served as a Member of NSW Parliament for 19 years and as the NSW Minister for Education for 6 years from 2011 until 2017. Mr Piccoli is currently the Director of UNSW’s Gonski Institute for Education.

In this interview Professor Piccoli discusses the following questions:

What 3 ways can parents have a huge impact on their children’s education?
What should parents look for when choosing a school?
What is NAPLAN and does it matter?
How can parents set high expectations for their child?
How can parents use disappointment as a teaching moment?
What questions should parents ask at parent-teacher interviews?
How much is too much screen time?
Why is being bored good for your child?

  1. Ways Your Child Can Get the Best Out of School Adrian Piccoli, UNSW Sydney

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