The Representation of Economics in Cinema

Power, Propaganda and Public Understanding of the Economy

Adam Smith’s America


On the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Status

A tale of trade-offs: The impact of macroeconomic factors on environmental concern

The China-OECD trade divide: building bridges

Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Housing Supply

Income Contingent University Loans

Understanding Social Preferences

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method

Fiscal consolidations and distributional effects

Cultures of Inequality: Financialisation, Labour and Social Finance

The Four Horsemen of Economic Collapse

Income Risk, the Tax‐benefit System and the Demand for Children

The economic impact on the UK of a customs union deal with the EU

Integrating Health and Social Care: State or Market?

The Market

Bank liquidity and the cost of debt

Uncertain Kingdom: nowcasting GDP and its revisions

Lending relationships and the collateral channel

Banks are not intermediaries of loanable funds

Let’s talk about the weather: the impact of climate change on central banks

A tiger by the tail: estimating the UK mortgage market vulnerabilities from loan-level data

Mapping China’s Growth and Development in the Long Run

Education production functions

Advances in Macroeconomics and monetary economics

Teaching the Multiplier: the Value of a Quantitative Approach

Foresight for Science, Technology and Innovation

Overconfidence is universal?

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