The frontal lobes: the Brain’s CEO

Four fundamental dimensions underlie the perception of human actions

The entrenchment effect: Why people persist with less-preferred behaviors

The Pattern Seekers: A New Theory of Human Invention

Problematic Interactive Media Use Among Children and Adolescents

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Men’s experiences of post-separation abuse

Liminal Entrepreneuring

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Shared Genetic Architecture in Anorexia Nervosa

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Short-term memory impairment in vestibular patients

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Adolescence: A Very Short Introduction

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Hierarchy in the eye of the beholder

Multiple Risk-Behavior Profiles of Smokers With Serious Mental Illness

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Situation selection as a strategy for people who need help regulating their emotions

Planum temporale asymmetry in people who stutter

Managing the Human Animal

A Violent Legacy: Policing Insurrection in South Africa From Sharpeville to Marikana

The development of bodily self-consciousness: changing responses to the Full Body Illusion in childhood

Human infants’ ability to perceive touch in external space develops postnatally

The Neuroscience and Psychology of Altruism

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Seeing the world through others’ minds: Inferring social context from behaviour

Direct Instruction in Education

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