Race, Indigeneity, and Migration

Researchers have found the relationship between race, indigeneity, and migration is still evident in contemporary international law. Many of the rules related to migration are based on ideas of superiority and inferiority, and reinforce systemic discrimination and racism. The colonial roots of contemporary migration patterns is also evident in the fact that some countries are seen as ‘source’ countries for migrants, while others are perceived as destinations. The process of formal decolonization in the twentieth century was intended to free people from colonial domination and to establish independent and sovereign states. But the reality is that many of these countries still face the same structures and systems of power that were established during colonization. Therefore, if we are to truly address the issues surrounding racism, xenophobia, and indigeneity in international law, it is not enough to just free people from colonialism – we must also decolonize our international law.

Research referred to in brief here

Image courtesy of interviewee. June 8, 2023

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