Presidential Address: Sustainable Finance and ESG Issues

Modeling corporate bond returns

Missing the Forest for the Trees: Modular Search and Systemic Inertia

Rents and Intangible Capital: A Q+ Framework

The Impact of Open Data on Public Procurement

Inspiring, Yet Tiring: How Leader Emotional Complexity Shapes Follower Creativity

Location-Independent Organizations: Designing Collaboration

Flu Fallout: Information Production Constraints and Corporate Disclosure

Does Public Firms’ Mandatory IFRS Reporting Crowd Out Private Firms’ Capital Investment?

Educational Inequality and Reservation Policy

Gaming the IRS’ Third-Party Reporting System: Evidence from Pari-Mutuel Wagering

Barter Credit: Warehouses as a Contracting Technology

Commentary on “The Impact of Vertical Integration on Physician Behavior and Healthcare Delivery”

External perceptions of the European Union in Israel—the role of norms and culture

Past and Present Group Exclusion and Conflict: Group Marginalization, Opportunity, and Islamic State Foreign Fighter Mobilization

The demand for IPE and public policy in the governance of global policy design

Is terrorism necessarily violent? Public perceptions of nonviolence and terrorism in conflict settings

Love Thy (Elected) Neighbor? Residential Segregation, Political Representation, and Local Public Goods

Women’s Political Representation in African Rebel Parties

Does Right-Wing Violence Affect Public Support for Radical Right Parties? Evidence from Germany

The Proscription Paradox: Banning Parties Based on Threshold Requirements and Electoral Volatility in Latin America

Centralization, Elite Capture, and Service Provision: Evidence From Taiwan

Social Context and Immigration Attitudes

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