Cranberry supplementation improves physiological markers of performance in trained runners Summary

Social Support and Barriers for Older Women in Group Activity

Embodiment and Wearable Tracking in Distance Running

Sleep Interventions’ Impact on Athletic Performance

Joint Hypermobility Increases Second ACL Injury Odds

Delayed Physical Therapy Initiation and Opioid Use Risk

Athletes with Physical Impairments in Disability Sport

Teachers’ Experiences of Life Skills Development in Education

Physical Activity and Cancer Recurrence in Stage III Colon Cancer

Superficial MCL and ACL in Anteromedial Rotatory Stability

Pediatric ACL Reconstructions Surge: A Norwegian Study

Predicting Postoperative Injury and Discharge in Army Knee Surgery

Age Impact on Acetabular Microfracture in FAI Surgery

Aerobic and Speed Training Effects on Soccer Players

eFootball Players’ Perspectives on Esports and Health

Effects of Physical Activity on Strength and Balance in Adults

In Vivo Strain Patterns in the Achilles Tendon

Outcomes of Total Hip Arthroplasty in Inflammatory Arthritis

Validation of PHQ-9 and CES-D as Depression Screening Tools in Student-Athletes

Influencing Factors on American Views of Children’s Tackle Football

Joint Awareness after Hip Surgery for Dysplasia Patients

Patient Outcomes After Hip Surgery for Borderline Dysplasia

Hip Arthroscopy Outcomes for Femoroacetabular Impingement

Clinical Results of Hip Dysplasia Treatment with Bone Allograft

Who doesn’t like sport? A taxonomy of non-fans

Gender information and perceived quality: An experiment with professional soccer performance

When feeling is for pursuing: exploring the moderating role of spectatorship locus of control on fans’ emotion-directed pursuit of consumption goals

Organizational Expectations Regarding Documentation Practices in Athletic Training

Examination of Eating Disorder Risk and Pathogenic Behaviors among Collegiate Student-Athletes

Quality of Life of Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Youth Soccer Players

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